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How to eliminate harmful communication habits

1. 2. 2023

M.Sc. Jani Prgić is a top expert in the implementation of various training programs in companies, schools and other institutions. Seven years ago, with his lecture The thin line of responsibility, he showed us how we perceive responsibility – below or above the line.

This time, with the lecture Harmful communication habits, he showed us how positive communication can improve the climate, raise the positive atmosphere and motivation in the team or in private life. With practical examples, the lecturer managed to relax and make the employees laugh in a fun, witty and educational way, and at the same time showed us ways to improve mutual cooperation and communication even in difficult and stressful situations.

At the end, we thanked Mr. Prgić with a picture made in the melted glass technique by the painter Lorena Ignaz and assured him that we will see each other sooner than in seven years.

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