Display cases

Glass showcases are made of safety tempered or laminated glass. Low-iron glass (so-called optiwhite glass) can be used for greater transparency. Anti-reflection glass is also available for professional museum showcases. Such a glass gives an ideal view of the exhibit in the showcase with reduced reflection of the glass surfaces. You can find out more on www.guardianglass.com/eu/en/products/brands/clarity.

The joints between the glasses are made with UV adhesive and they aren’t visible. We get the appearance that the sides of the showcase are made of one piece. The glasses of the showcase are usually glued at an angle of 45 °.

For larger size display cases (where the sides are larger than 2 m) the UV joints would be risky for transport due to inelasticity. In this case, the sides of the showcases are joined on the spot with transparent silicone or acrylic translucent double-sided adhesive tape.


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