Glass flooring

With glass flooring we achieve greater elegance and openness of space, which is what modern architecture strives for. It can replace the floor coverings and is also suitable for stairs. Glass flooring is made of a three-layered glass for public spaces, and it can also be made of a two-layered glass for private premises. The top layer is always made of tempered glass.

Glass flooring design

Glass flooring is made of safety laminated glass of different thicknesses and layers depending on the size of the surface and the intended loads. To provide additional security, an anti-slip render of the top glass layer can be used such as Madras anti-slip glass flooring (

The bottom layer consists of two equally thick glasses (three or four glasses in case of larger surfaces). The total thickness depends on the size of the opening, the expected load and on the method of installation. On this basis, a static calculation is made. The surface is not abrasion resistant. The glass with a special “antiscratch” coating is used when you need better abrasion resistance. The surface of this glass is slightly matt, similar to satinated glass. More:

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