About us


We live and work with glass. We design, advise, manufacture and install shower cases, glass doors and walls, canopies, balustrades, glass flooring and mirrors. Our well-trained team, modern machinery and trend-setting in the glass industry allow us to do our job with excellence.

Glass is our unfinished story. It inspires us with its cleanliness and inexhaustible usability and design.

Mission and vision

We are successfully following our mission and vision. We are constantly updating our production, upgrading our products with new trends and achievements in the glass industry. We feel committed to the environment, that is why we have a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant and a solar power plant on the roof of the new production facility. We are also socially responsible and we donate funds to humanitarian organizations, people in need and various societies.

Family business

We are a family business with more than 50 years of tradition. The company was founded in 1965 by Jože Šiško. His sons, Borut and Gregor, now continue with tradition. In 2015 we published a publication Zbornik 50 let Šiško steklarstva in which we chronologically presented the milestones of our development.

4,000 m² of office space and modern technology allow 22 employees to do their jobs well and grow personally. We process about 500 tonnes of flat glass annually, which is installed at the airports, in the luxury ships, hotels and shops, in sacral buildings, individual houses and in museums as showcases at home and around the world.

Corporate social responsibility

We are aware that the success of our business depends on good relations with the local community.

We donate funds and material aid to various humanitarian organizations, sports and cultural associations, schools, kindergartens, health care institutions and other associations at the local level. We also help individuals in needs. We provide creative activities for children and adults in various forms of glass-making.

We purchased and installed an AED defibrillator and provided training for employees and locals on how to use it.

Our values


More than 50 years of experience and knowledge are mirrored in our products.


We are dedicated to respond quickly to inquiries and project realizations.


We adapt to the requirements of our clients.

In step with time

We are constantly updating our production – it is worker- and environment-friendly.