Glass kitchen claddings

Glass kitchen claddings are made of 5 or 6 mm thick and tempered glass. We use two types of glass:

float: the glass has a greenish tint,
optiwhite: glass without a green tint.

We measure, produce and install glass claddings for your facilities. We lacquer the glass or glue a wallpaper with a motive on the backside of the glass. We perfectly adapt the shape of the glass to your kitchen and make holes for sockets, cutouts, etc. Glass cladding maintains its appearance for a long time and doesn’t need to be replaced as often as other cladding materials.

Lacquered glass:

  • Glass is lacquered over the entire surface with a water colour according to RAL or NCS scale.
  • The lacquered surface of the glass is completely opaque.
  • Please not that the paint will look slightly different when used with glass, as the shiny finish and reflected light will affect the shade to a small degree.

Glass with photo wallpaper:

  • You can choose between the motives of the photo wallpaper on the page
  • We adjust the photo wallpaper to the dimension of the glass, print it and stick it on the back of the glass.

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