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An environmentally friendly company

23. 3. 2020

At Šiško steklarstvo, we feel committed to care for the environment by using gas heating, separating waste collection, updating glass processing technologies, introducing e-documentation, saving water and solar energy.

In the new production facility, we have a new plant with a closed cooling water circulation system from 2018. Thus, we have reduced water consumption for technological purposes from the previous 230 m³ at about 32 m³ per month. We put less strain on the surroundings and communal infrastructure, there are fewer maintenance works, and diamond tools have a longer service life.

At the beginning of 2021, together with the company Gen-i sonce, we have also installed a solar power plant with 403 panels and a power of 135 kW on the roof of the new production facility. With an annual production of 139,000 kWh, we will take care of a 20% share of self-sufficiency in electricity. The investment will pay for itself in eight years, with the solar power plant we will reduce our carbon footprint by 70,000 kg of CO₂ per year and provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solution.

Investing in sustainable development is part of the business policy of the company Šiško steklarstvo and a responsible decision for environmental protection.

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